Extensive Treatment Program

Extensive are one such ailment that on one side you know that you should leave this for your betterment but on the other, you cannot leave it. The damaging potential is massive and thus at first place, you should always try not to get indulged and if you are already addicted to any kind of Extensive, make sure to take an expert guidance immediately to get out of it before it takes firm control over your controls and emotions.

The primary objectives that we take care of:

  • Cognitive therapy.
  • 24x7 assistance.
  • Keeping involved in various activities.
  • Group therapy sessions.
  • A personalized program for better results.

Rehabilitation Phase I

Morning walk, light Yoga. Post acute withdrawal management, disease concept, Appointment of personal councellor, AA/NA Meetings exposure. Value system.

Work Paper 1 to 3

23 Days Procedure

Rehabilitation Phase II

Twelve steps recovery program. Time management, Bell duties, IDA Assignments, Reading, Encourage to share in meetings, Maximum counselling.

Work Paper 4 to 7

40 Days Procedure

Rehabilitation Phase III

Conducting group discussion, Chair the in house NA/AA meetings, OT duties, newcomer assignment. Conduct hot seat session and other inhouse activities, Yoga etc.

Work Paper 8 to 10

40 Days Procedure

Pre Discharge Phase IV

Step working 1,2,3,4 and 5. Kitchen Assignment, detox duties, Shopping, Home visits. Para staff duties, Seli monitoring system

24 Days Procedure

Why you should choose New Life Rehabilitation Centre:

Our team of expert professionals make sure you are obtaining the best-in-class facilities to receive the finest treatment in Siliguri. Our professionals are at your service 24x7 and a dedicated team is initialized to handle any emergencies.

  • Compassionate care and service.
  • Patient-centric approach.
  • Well-equipped facilities.
  • Experienced professionals to guide in the right path.

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